Where it all began...

The Workshop started as a vision, an idea of creating a spot where cyclists and athletes can feel at home, taken care of. It is created by cyclist for cyclist. We have taken into consideration tree main ingredients: professional gear, world class mechanic service and nutritional food. We believe that those are the key components which make a difference in an athletes performance.

When people pass by, they often slow down and peak in the shop with a puzzled look. Some, who are braver, get in and ask:

What is that place? A bar? No. A restaurant?
No. Wait. There are bikes...

The Workshop is the place where people meet to share ideas, but also where you can build your dream bike, or just fix your flat tire. It is the place stories of epic rides are told over a crunchy bowl of granola and steaming cup of coffee.

Behind The Workshop project is a husband and wife team, whose life revolves around cycling.


Jakub Pieniazek

Jakub is the catalyst of the Workshop project. His extensive knowledge, experience in pro-cycing performance and thousands of kilometers on the bike naturally lead him create his own playground.

He launched his private coaching practise in 2010, starting first with amateur cyclist, and then quickly moving to professional athletes. It was in 2010, when he met, through a mutual friend, Rafal Wilk, a well-know Polish speedway racer, who had lost his ability to walk after a competition accident.

Rafal wanted to get back to professional sport. The answer was handcycling. He was looking for a coach who was ready to customise training practices used in preparation of abled athletes on to completely different type of muscles: arm and upper body ones. The challenge was set. Two years later, in 2012, during the summer Paralympic Games in London, Rafal won his first Gold medal.

Jakub has made a name for being a disruptor of old methods. He thrives best when there is challenge. He has privately trained athletes who are racing in CCC Sprandi PolkowitceOneProCycling, Verva ActiveJet. Jakub is currently the coach of the Polish National Paracycling Team.

Velimira Ivanova

Velimira dreamt up the concept of The Workshop Cafe + Cycles a few years ago after watching Jakub’s work. He initially thought she was crazy but designed the structure of the business in order to present to him and prove him wrong.

Her dedication for the business has seen her design the popular modern cafe-style menu and start a pop-up shop within the space supplying the best in cycle accessories. Travelling and being in the cycle world for many years, Veli knows exactly what food cyclists want and need – understanding the nutrition and even catering for private training clients.

Veli is also a keen cyclist and regularly joins group rides, but still happy remaining as an amateur cyclist enjoying seeing the world from a bike.

Veli and Jakub also have 2 children who also love to hang out at Workshop from time to time.


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