Training Camps

Increase your cycling condition to an even higher level in a cycling paradise like Mallorca...

Get smarter, faster and stronger!

Winter Preparation

These are our excellent services for serious athletes. You can use lactate testing to assess your training zones precisely, rent a power meter or use our motorpacing  before your important race. We are ready to make your stay in Mallorca as professional you need it to be.


Reserve your Bicycle

Our fleet of super road bikes is waiting for you. Why hassle with packing your own bike and worrying about the airline damaging or losing your dream machine. Just book your stress free stay in Mallorca through us. We’ve got you covered with extras such as pedals, power meters and carbon wheels.


Latest News

Toros de Gravel

Toros De Gravel

This October, join the local hot-heads in a first-time gravel challenge in Mallorca. Lots of fun and like-mined souls to meet! For more information check @torosdegravel See you there!

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